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The EP now has a title:
"Signs Point To Entropy"
Cover art is on its way...

Plans have changed, as they always tend to.  I'm sticking around the DC area for now.  Stan Chong is a kickass drummer and we are ready to start playing a lot more shows in the area.  The only thing we're lacking is a bassist...still, there's a very good chance that we'll just say "Screw It" and go out and play some shows anyway, sans bass. 
Sans, you like that?  Throwing in French words makes one sound so sophisticated, doesn't it?  Either that or pretentiously full of shit.  I'm leaning a little more towards the latter.
I haven't devoted much time to completing the cover art for the as-of-yet untitled 3 song EP that we recorded in August.  I'm kicking around some ideas, so the final EP (title, cover, and all) should be readily available early next month.
You should also follow the Mp3 link on the main page to hear some songs from the EP, if you so desire.  I'm working on setting up a webspace to host both a newly re-vamped site and more mp3s as well, as opposed to only having them available on (which forces you to register and is also laden with many an ad.)  The ads on this page are also quite annoying, and a lack of them would be another huge benefit to hosting the site independently.  Everyone on the mailing list will know once I have a new webpage up and running.  It's just a matter of time.
Keep checking back here for more news on the EP, upcoming shows, and a new-&-improved PSYCHIC TWIN webpage.

The three-song EP has been recorded and mixed down.  The track listing is as follows:
1) Caught You Looking In The Mirror
2) Flush Reverie
3) Not Invisible
Cover art for this EP will be completed very soon, at which time CDs will be made available online.  Check back here periodically for more news on this.

This site is in the process of a complete overhaul.  You can expect a whole slew of additions in the next couple of months, including more sound samples on my site, pictures, available CDs, and possibly a whole new layout to the site.
I am relocating from DC to San Francisco in  early September.  Before this, I'm going to record a three- or four-song EP at Bias Recording (with sound engineer Mike Fisher) in mid-August.  My friend Stan Chong will be contributing his remarkable talent on drums.  From the looks of it, I'll be recording two newer songs and either one or two songs off of the "Ether Sessions" demo (a self-recorded and self-distributed CD that I released last year.)
The as-of-yet untitled EP will be made available on this website, and even the songs you might have heard on "Ether Sessions" will not be the same.  Lyrics to these older songs have changed over time, and the inclusion of bass and drums will make the songs even further evolved.
If time allows, I will be playing a solo acoustic show in the DC area in late August or early September.
Check back here for updates on all fronts.